DVBLink Turns Your Tuners into Networked Tuners

dvblogic-logoWe all love watching television on our Media Center computers, but what if you have more than one computer around your house? The only solutions up to this point have been to install tv tuner cards into every machine or to use a networked tuner like the HD Homerun. DVBLink is changing all of that though. Today they released a beta of their Server Network Pack and Network Client software.

With DVBLinks new software you simply install the server software on the machine that has the tuner cards in it, and then they will be exposed across your network via UPNP. You can then install their client software on other computers throughout your home network and those tuners will be made available on those extra computers. After installing the client software you will just need to go through the TV setup in Windows Media Center as if you had the tuner cards installed in that box.

The client machine does not need to be running Windows Media Center. Because the software is using UPNP you can use Windows Media Player as a client also.

Head on over to DVBLogic’s forums to read the installation instructions and to download the beta. Let us know how it works out for you!


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Josh Pollard

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