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Ripping Blu-ray movies to a HDD

Blu-ray_Disc.svg If you listen to Entertainment 2.0 or read The DMZ regularly, you know that our own Josh Pollard recently posted a how-to on ripping DVDs to a hard drive.  There are a number of ways to achieve this and Josh has provided a good step-by-step to get you streaming your movies around your home.

Media Center MVP Pete Stagman, who runs the NEDMUG site, has just provided the same service for Blu-rays.  The process is a bit more involved than DVDs but Pete takes you through the whole process from start to finish.  Head over and take a read if you’re ready to get started!

Neither Pete nor Josh have the only method of ripping content but these are both tried and true methods that will allow you to view your content the way you want, not the way the providers want you to.  How do you rip content to your Media Center?  Share with us in the comments or email us if you’d like to write up your own how-to and publish it here on The DMZ!


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