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DirecTV continues to lead in HD, possibly 3D with new satellite

boeing-DIRECTV_main Already sporting 130 HD offerings, it doesn’t appear that DirecTV is slowing down any time soon.  The company recently placed “DirecTV 12” into orbit.  When the KU-band bird goes active in early 2010, it’ll join the company’s four other HD satellites which serve the US market.

“With the successful launch of our DirecTV 12 satellite, we will have the capacity to dramatically expand HD and movie choices for our customers and further extend our content and technology leadership,” DirecTV chief technology officer Romulo Pontual said in a statement.

While the company won’t be directly showing anything at CES next week, there are rumors that DirecTV will be unveiling a 3D channel during the annual electronics conference.  With reports that there will be 46 million 3D-capable TVs in homes by the end of 2013, content providers are going to be in an arms race on the 3D front for the next several years.

via MultiChannel