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Popbox leads out the internet TV streaming onslaught

popapps We know that even more than last year, this year’s CES will be slammed with companies looking to push internet content to your television.  It started with widgets built into TVs last year and that seemed, for the most part, to go nowhere.

Syabas, makers of the Popcorn Hour, recently unveiled their new Popbox.  The device is intended to make getting internet and local content to your TV easier and more mainstream.  The device ships with an HDMI port as well as USB and SD slots for connecting external drives and cards.  The box also comes with a video processor capable of pushing HD content.popbox

What could be most interesting about the device is the software.  The OS has been built to run apps.  Several have been developed already and there should be at least 20 available at launch.  You can expect to find Netflix, Blip TV and Rev. 3 content.  Developers can also push apps such as Twitter, Facebook or pretty much anything else they can think of.

The Popbox looks to hit in March of 2010 at $129.


via Financial Times