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Entertainment 2.0-Episode 52: Stop Yer Whinin’!

Print Oh do we have fun this week!  After moving through a ton of reader email and comments (THANK YOU!), Josh and Adam get into the question of fair use and recorded TV.  How long should you be allowed to keep your recordings?  Can you archive them forever or are you obligated to buy the DVD series once it’s available?  We try to focus on these questions this week.  (Notice I said we try.  We stray a bit!)

We had some great emails and comments this week and you’ll find links shared by our listeners below.  Don’t forget to call and leave us a voicemail (1-877-856-4933), post a comment or email us your questions and comments.  Our shows are getting better and most of that improvement has to do with listener feedback and questions like yours.  We don’t know everything but if we don’t know, we’ll find out for you.

Show notes:

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