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Boxee to enter Beta next month

NYC-BETA-Unveiling-09 Boxee, the open source media application that will let you bring internet and streaming content to your TV through the use of a PC, is ready to leave alpha and enter the beta stage next month.  I’ve been using the application for a bit now in Windows and I can say I’m relatively happy, even with the occasional crash.  I’m hoping these issues are fixed in the beta, but again, being alpha software, you can’t really complain too much.

The beat version of the software will launch on December 7th at an event in NYC.  The new version of the software is expected to sport improved navigation, a user queue, TV and movie search as well as an all new user interface.

I’m curious to see the improvements that will be included.  Boxee fell of of many people’s radar when they lost access to Hulu content.  The app still serves up CBS, MLB content, Joost and iPlayer from BBC as well as the ability to add your own RSS feeds for video.  While Windows Media Center is still our main interface, adding Boxee has expanded our options and I can’t wait to see the new stuff!

Reading the comments on the Boxee blog post, user “avner ronen”, who wrote the blog post, has stated that the beta will include support for ABC and Netflix in Windows.  This is great news for people who haven’t been running the app in Linux or on Apple TV.  He also goes on to say that while December 7th is the launch date, access will only be granted to those who attend the event with limited access being rolled out through December until the official release on January 7th at CES.  Looks like we’ll have to wait a bit!

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