Boxee Trying to go Mainstream: Seen in HD’s Phil Lozen Seen Crying, Running For Home

boxee I guess I just don’t get it.  I can barely watch Hulu, CNN or any of the network sites on my PC in full screen for more than five minutes without wondering why I’m trying to give myself a headache.  Blocky, laggy video is not what I’m into.  Hulu is ok if you miss an episode or something but since buying the PlayOn server, I’ve probably used it a total of five times.  I just can’t stand seeing that bad of a picture on my 57” TV and I’m no where near the HD snob some others I know are.

That being said, you’ll understand why I’m not that excited about Boxee getting a multi million dollar infusion to push out an application for mainstream use.  If this means better video quality then I’m all for it but even with some of the deals Boxee is starting to draw, I don’t see THAT many people jumping on this bandwagon.  Not with net connected TVs already arriving in homes.  What would you need another application for?

I’m happy that Boxee is out there, believe me.  Competition is always good in the video delivery market.  I just don’t see the company taking on cable and satellite anytime soon.  The fact is that there are only so many people in the world willing to tune into Youtube for hours on end.  The sad part is that this isn’t Boxee’s fault.  They can only serve what they’re provided.  They’re not content creators.  Until streaming video matures and there’s more of a broadband penetration in the US, Boxee will continue to be a second string player.



via Digital Living Room