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Panasonic Pres Says 3-4 Years for 3D Penetration

3D-glasses-404_675044c I’m going to create a new category here on The DMZ.  It’ll be called “I’m Sick of Hearing About 3D” and it’s where stories like this one will go.  Most people are just now jumping to HDTV and CE companies and content producers now want us to run out and buy a brand new HDTV so we can all sit in our living rooms wearing glasses all night.

Panasonic’s president is saying that real 3D penetration is going to take at least 3 to 4 years.  Personally, it could take 30 for all I care.  I’m wondering if hardware manufacturers are fronting the money for studios to start recording TV and sports in 3D.  They certainly seem to be pushing hard enough that you would think so.

Maybe I’m just in a mood today but I really believe that HDTV manufacturers are simply trying to get people who just bought a new TV in the last two years to run out and buy another one.  Now that they’ve already expended all of their buzzwords to get you to upgrade they need a new hook.  Contrast ratio, resolution, etc. just aren’t going to get you to head to Best Buy anymore.  But 3D!  It’s the hot new thing!  It seems to me this has been touted before and I honestly hope it doesn’t make it this time either.

Some of us have to wear glasses all day.  I don’t see myself putting on a second pair just to watch the latest episode of The Price is Right.  How about we get all primetime content in HD 24/7.  Then let’s sweat the 3D M’kay?

via EngadgetHD