Napster Looks to Crack The UK and Take on Spotify

Napster4_logo_270x242 Apparently the iPhone is a niche product.  At least according to Napster it is.  The company is looking to dethrone Spotify in The UK and thinks that pricing is all they need.  With new plans starting at £5, half of what Spotify charges for premium service, Napster is hoping that no ads and the ability to keep five tracks a month will draw users.

Where the problem comes in is that other than the five tracks you get to keep, the £5/month Napster plan will only let you listen online.  Oh, and that iPhone mention one paragraph up?  Yeah, that’s the word from a company spokesman while talking to Cnet so I guess you can forget getting an app for your iPhone and listening to your subscription while on the move anytime soon.




via T3