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Entertainment 2.0: Episode 34-MCE Problems and Debacles

Print Yep, Media Center had some troubles this week and we talk about them on this week’s episode.

First, Media Center made the news as an HTPC solution which couldn’t handle the DTV transition here in the U.S.  It’s not as though it was a secret that this was coming so to see our preferred solution not be able to handle it was kinda sad.

As well, it seems that during the RC stage of Windows 7, your Xbox 360 extender has to call home (using Xbox Live) every time you use it.  This caused some issues this past Tuesday when MS shut down XBL for maintenance.  While maintenance is something we expect, some people didn’t like the fact that their extender was useless for 24 hours.

Thanks to all of the listeners for sending in the email for the show this week.  You help make the show better with every email!

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Remember, you can leave us a voicemail at 1-877-856-4933 and we’ll get you on the show.  Thanks again to every one who joined us live.  We hope to have a more stable solution for you soon.

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