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image The new Media Browser (2.1) has added a lot of great features.  You can read about them over at Hack7MC in an article just published today.  One of the new additions I’ve been playing with since Friday’s release has been the Podcast plugin.  It’s easy to use and allows you to watch your favorite online RSS content right inside Media Center.  (Just a note that audio podcasts work as well but you get a black screen during playback.)

I went on a quick search this weekend to try and find some content that will work within Media Center as well as on extenders.  It’s a short list so far.  The first thing I found was Revision 3.  The Internet TV company provides a lot of feeds for their content in various formats.  I subscribed to the Large WMV feed and, so far, every show has looked great on my 57 inch widescreen. I haven’t looked at the actual resolution but Rev3 has done a great job and the shows look really good even blown up that big.

The next podcast network I found was G4.  The cable network provides quite a few feeds but unfortunately, they’re 4:3 and the resolution isn’t that great.  If you like G4’s content then it’ll work for you but they could certainly take a page from Revision 3 on how to produce and provide great Video Podcast content.

The next place I went looking was CNet. They provide a lot of HD content via RSS but everything is in M4V format.  As of yet, I can’t get this to play on my Xbox 360 through Media Browser.

This is about all I’ve found that works on extenders through Media Browser so far.  If you know of some great Video Podcasts that provide an RSS feed they can be added to MB and depending on the format, can be played back on extenders.  Share with others the feeds you’ve found that work in the comments below.



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