Linksys Discontinues Media Center Extenders

image I found a post in the forums on The Green Button today stating that Linksys has discontinued the DMA-21/2200 line of Media Center extenders.  The post had links included to the Linksys website which did indeed show that both products were listed as no longer being sold.

Not wanting to take a forum post or even the Linksys website at face value, I placed a call to the sales customer service line.  It turns out that yes indeed, Linksys has stopped production on the extenders.  I’m not sure where this will leave us as the rep couldn’t confirm whether or not Linksys would be replacing the DMA line with new products.  imageHe did say that he believes Linksys is moving towards more “open media streaming solutions” and had not heard of anything on their roadmap about releasing a new Media Center specific extender.  By this I have to assume that they’re going to continue with products like the Premium Wireless Home Audio Kit the showed at CES this year.

This could be bad news for the Media Center community if no one else can step up to fill the gap.  The Linksys products were low priced, good quality and frequently on sale.  The perfect combination if you were looking to add extenders to your MCE setup.  Hopefully we’ll get more options soon.  With HP discontinuing their extenders that just leaves the D-link DSM-750 and the Xbox 360.


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