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Episode 30: The Longest Episode Evar (But Totally Worth It!)

image You read that title right.  This week we went over 2 hours but I have to say, you’ll want to listen to the whole show.  This week, Josh and I are joined by Ben Drawbaugh of EngadgetHD fame for a great discussion on a lot of Media Center topics (with a healthy dose of fun).  Ben has a lot of knowledge when it comes to integrating Media Center into your home and he shares it with all of us this week.

We did cover a few news items as well.  You can find links in the show notes below.  Don’t forget to share your Media Center experiences on the Entertainment 2.0 drop.  We’re always happy to get info from listeners so let us know how you’re using Media Center in your home.

Show Notes:

Click here to download Episode 30 or you can listen below.  Thanks again to those who joined us in the chat room.  You guys make it a lot of fun!  Also, thanks to Ben Drawbaugh for joining us.  It was a lot of fun and very informative as well.  Come on back anytime!

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  • Josh – don't let Ben guilt you into buying a HDTV before you want. I still have a super-heavy SDTV 37″ SharpTV in my livingroom that does just fine. Yes I have to convince myself daily that I don't need a third HDTV in the house (have a nice LCD in the game/bar room and a smallish LCD in bedroom) but it really is all we need for now.

    I also agree with Ben that Plasma is the best option, but there are some pretty darn good LCDs that give me what I need so if the price is good enough I would (and did) buy LCD over Plasma when given the right option.

    Another great show – you guys, this podcast is getting better each time I listen to it – or else I'm getting slowly brainwashed by Adam and Josh and eventually will completely break down… Keep it up.

  • It's definitely not a question of whether I “want” an HDTV. I definitely want one. It really just comes down to picking the right tv for me, and buying it. Unfortunately it just hasn't been that high on the priority list for our family yet. I'm hoping that it will be soon though 🙂

  • Right there is the exact reason we don't have a WHS yet or a new HDTV. For home server it's just not a priority yet and though our TV is older, starting to show it's age and there isn't any HDMI, as long as it's working, I just can't justify buying a new one. It's all about priority.

  • Awesome show guys. Really, I had to listen to every minute, and that rarely happens – I just don't have time, but I made time for this one.

    One quick question for Ben, if he happens to drop in on these comments – I'm about to pull the trigger on an EX485, but after hearing your excitement about the next version of WHS, I just want to make sure the EX485 will be able to handle the new version, or should I wait? I'd hate to drop 5 bones on this only to find out that it doesn't have the processing power needed to deliver the cool new features of the nextGen WHS… Any guidance on that?

  • Ben mentioned that in Win7 you loose the “HD” marking on programs. I have found a work around for this. Let's say that channel 5 is SD and 5.1 is HD. If you go to channel 5, copy the listings from Channel 5.1 (follow the same menus that you would use to combine the channels except for the last step, select “copy listing). Then go to Channel 5.1 and merge that to Channel 5. You will now have “HD” flags on Channel 5 and Channel 5 will multi-source to both 5 and 5.1. The only draw back is that you might get SD records flagged as HD if your HD tunners are full at the time of recording.