Entertainment 2.0 #248 : Slightly Confirmed Rumors

Oct 17, 2013 by

Josh is joined by Chris Barnes to discuss a positive resolution coming for Windows 8.1 Media Center users. There's also a Media Browser app for Windows Phone in addition to an updated Remote Potato app on iOS. GDR2 has been released for AT&T customers as GDR3 is being released to developers. All that plus Xbox One, Windows 8 apps, and more!

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Entertainment 2.0 #148 : Xbox TV?

Oct 12, 2011 by

Richard Gunther returns for episode 148 of the Entertainment 2.0 podcast where he and Josh Pollard were able to discuss all of the entertainment tech news that has erupted from Microsoft over the last week. Of course the show was kicked off with some great listener feedback, including a voicemail...

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Shared Guide Brings Softsled One Step Closer

Sep 7, 2011 by

Softsled was a rumored product/feature from Microsoft that would essentially allow you to use a Windows Media Center PC as an Extender to another PC. While features like Windows 7 Libraries and networked tuners have gone a long way to bring that vision to a reality, there has always been one...

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Entertainment 2.0 #135 : Netflix Hike, Remote Potato HD, and Remotes

Jul 15, 2011 by

Episode 135 of the Entertainment 2.0 podcast makes it three episodes in a row where things have gone smoothly! This week Josh Pollard was joined by fellow DMZ writers Richard Gunther, and joining the show after a long absence was James Montemagno!  As usual the show started off with two great...

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Entertainment 2.0 #132 : Google Buys SageTV, InfiniTV 6, Remote Potato...

Jun 24, 2011 by

It seemed that everything that could possibly prevent the guys from recording episode 132 of the Entertainment 2.0 Podcast did happen, but they managed to pull it off anyway. The week just had too much news to be stopped! The weather did prevent Craig Scholle from being able to join Josh Pollard as...

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Remote Potato v1.0 Released

May 20, 2011 by

Remote Potato, the application that you run on your Windows Media Center PC to give you complete access to your guide, recorded TV library and more, has finally reached the 1.0 stage! With it, the venerable mobile app for Windows Media Center brings a few new features to the table. I’ve found...

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Entertainment 2.0 #111 : CES 2011 Wrap-up

Jan 14, 2011 by

The International Consumer Electronics Show for 2011 has now come to a close. While everyone who attended is sure to be at home recovering from the CES plague I got together with Craig and James again to give a final recap of all the big Media Center news from the show. Despite doing a show only a...

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Remote Potato for iOS

Jan 9, 2011 by

The creators of Remote Potato have struck gold again! This time they have ported their software, which allows you to remotely access your Windows Media Center’s content and guide data, to iOS! Now you can use your iPhone, iPod, or iPad from anywhere to schedule remote recordings,...

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Entertainment 2.0-Episode 62: Appletainment 2.0. Wait…what?

Jan 29, 2010 by

Even though I promised not to bring it up, Josh forced the issue and we end up spending part of this week’s show talking about Apple’s latest device, the iPad.  While neither Josh nor I can personally see a lot of use for the device when compared to your standard netbook, some people seem to...

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Remote Potato Brings Remote Scheduling to Windows 7 Media Center

Jan 23, 2010 by

The ability to remotely schedule recordings on your Windows 7 Media Center seems a like a feature that should have been included from the very launch of the operating system. After all,  Microsoft did hire the developer of Web Guide, the program that allowed this feature, along with streaming of...

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