Remote Potato for iOS

Jan 9, 2011 by

The creators of Remote Potato have struck gold again! This time they have ported their software, which allows you to remotely access your Windows Media Center’s content and guide data, to iOS! Now you can use your iPhone, iPod, or iPad from anywhere to schedule remote recordings, view/download/email pictures, or stream or download your music and videos. Most amazing of all though, is that Remote Potato is the first app able to stream WTV files directly from your Media Center to an iOS device! You could walk around your house streaming your favorite show on your iPad as you go! We’ll try to get a review up later, but definitely go check out the app for yourself! It will make your wallet $7 lighter though.

  • Browse your TV Guide and schedule recordings.
  • View your pictures library; download or email pictures to friends.
  • Watch previously recorded TV shows – streamed on-the-fly from your home PC*
  • The first app to directly stream WTV recorded TV files to your iPhone
  • Stream your music library, or sync up songs for offline access.
  • Stream your video files, e.g. DIVX movies, MOV quicktime files, etc.

Source: The Green Button