The Digital Christmas Music Problem

Jan 14, 2015 by

Are your music playlists still peppered with remnants of the holiday past? In the analog days, we could just pack away the music with the decorations, but digital music files can be particularly tricky to isolate and hide after the holiday cheer fades.

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My Movies 5 Released

Jun 3, 2014 by

My Movies 5 is now available, and it includes some nice platform improvements that make collection management easier and automatic.

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DMZ Radio Week #2

Aug 22, 2011 by

Back for the second show!  DMZ Radio is a bit behind this week due to other obligations but I couldn’t let a week go by with nothing! I’ve tried to squeeze in all the news I could this week along with some great music.  Enjoy the show! Show Links: HP Touchpad done! TWC Buys...

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DMZ Radio Week #1

Aug 15, 2011 by

Time for a new podcast here at The DMZ.  Bringing together a love of music along with digital media news, DMZ Radio, hosted by Adam Thursby is a weekly look at the digital headlines mixed with the music that makes up the soundtrack of our lives. Each week, Adam will be covering the headlines from...

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Amulet Voice Remote Control Review

Dec 16, 2010 by

I love my Harmony remote.  LOVE IT!  It handles everything I need it to when it comes to controlling our home theater experience.  I pick my activity, it starts the right gear set to the right inputs and away I go.  That said, I’m always up for trying something new and I recently got the...

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The DMZ Media Minute for the week of April 19th, 2010

Apr 20, 2010 by

Holy running out of time Batman!  Couldn’t get the show posted yesterday so I wanted to make sure I banged it out early this morning for everyone out there wondering where to put their media dollars this week. Once again, it’s a slow one.  While the catalog releases keep rolling to Blu-ray,...

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The DMZ Media Minute for the week of April 12th, 2010

Apr 12, 2010 by

While the list of titles making their way out this week is again really thin, you’re in luck if you’re making the move over to Blu-ray.  The list is short but there are some classics coming and if you want to check out some classics in HD, now is the time. It’ll be slim pickins in the...

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The DMZ Media Minute for the week of April 5th, 2010

Apr 5, 2010 by

While it’s still a pretty thin week in terms of new releases, we do get some classics coming to Blu-ray this week.  If you’re looking to move your collection to HD or have never looked at some of this content, it should be a good week for you. As far as theatrical releases go?  Good...

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The DMZ Media Minute for the week of March 29th, 2010

Mar 29, 2010 by

Wow, what a shallow, shallow week when it comes to video content.  At least music picks it up a little this week with some very popular groups releasing new albums. Per request, I’ve added theatrical releases to the show.  Now you’ll know what to look for when you head to the local...

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The DMZ Media Minute Returns-Week of March 22nd, 2010

Mar 21, 2010 by

While it’s been quite awhile since we’ve covered the weekly digital media releases, I thought it was time to bring back The DMZ Media Minute.  Each week you’ll get a three to five minute podcast detailing the upcoming week’s Blu-ray, DVD and music releases. While most weeks, you can have...

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Canadian record labels on the hook for up to $6 billion

Dec 8, 2009 by

First, let me just say that no, that title isn’t a typo.  It’s probably not going to happen but that’s the possible number being thrown around by a class action lawsuit filed in 2008 against Warner Music Canada, Sony BMG Music Canada, EMI Music Canada, and Universal Music Canada, the...

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Archos 5 Internet Tablet Review

Nov 3, 2009 by

I’ve been checking Archos’ website frequently.  The company has been producing interesting portable media players (PMPs) for awhile now and until recently I’ve never had the opportunity to try one.  Recently the company announced that they would be releasing a series of devices aimed and...

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