Axiim Q Review – Has Wireless Surround Sound Finally Arrived?

Mar 16, 2016 by

Surround sound is an essential part of any home theater, but for many it's been unattainable due to the need for running wires to so many speakers. Axiim may have the solution with their Q Wireless Home Theater System.

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SuperTooth Debuts Bluetooth Multi-Room Audio System

Jan 5, 2015 by

SuperTooth debuts a Bluetooth multi-room audio systems that is easy to use and doesn't break the bank.

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Entertainment 2.0 #291 : Designing Your Home AV Experience

Aug 21, 2014 by

Rob from the AV Rant Podcast joins us to discuss the latest news, plus tips and tricks for setting up your home theater.

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Entertainment 2.0 #170 : Ben’s Perfect Remote

Mar 23, 2012 by

Comskip now supports WTV Files, Apple and Dish release home media products, and we ponder the perfect home theater remote control with new DMZ contributor Ben Wade. Here's a hint: it doesn't exist yet.

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SRS Labs to Permanently Change Movie Audio Mastering

Jan 11, 2011 by

Ben Drawbaugh from Engadget HD had the pleasure of meeting with SRS Labs while at CES to check out their latest offerings. While their new products are cool, he came away far more impressed with their vision of how the audio in movies could be mastered in the future, and I’m in complete...

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HTPCentric Episode 01: The Return

Mar 22, 2010 by

It’s time for a new show here at The DMZ!  While Entertainment 2.0 covers the Media Center community, there are a lot of other options out there when it comes to HTPC software.  Add in hardware, storage and customization, and we decided it was time to provide the rest of the Home Theater PC...

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Get your home theater and HTPC questions answered at HTBananas

Dec 29, 2009 by

If you’re anything like me, it’s impossible to memorize everything you need to know to properly setup and maintain a great home theater experience in your home.  It used to be easy.  Hook up a good 5.1 receiver with some good sounding speakers and a DVD player and you were set.  Well things...

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The $4,000 HTPC no one should ever see

Dec 13, 2009 by

We all want quiet and good looking HTPCs for the living room.  Well what about one that you never see and that is so well hidden no one will even know it’s there? The Piixl EdgeCenter 3770 hooks straight to the back of your TV using the VESA mounting interface.  At only 30mm deep, it...

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Geeky Holiday Gift Guides

Nov 20, 2009 by

The shopping season will soon be upon us.  If you look in my local stores, they think Christmas started right before Halloween but we all know the truth.  Most of us will wait until the last minute to get our shopping done. If you’re in the market for some new tech gear or gadgets for that...

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JVC misses the mark with “entry-level” Blu-ray player

Oct 30, 2009 by

Acting as if it had not been paying attention for the past several months, JVC today officially introduced what it called an "entry-level" Blu-ray player, the XV-BP11, at a "popularly-priced" amount of $199.

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Wal-Mart to Provide Installation and Configuration Services

Oct 26, 2009 by

I’ve talked to Geek Squad people.  When I walk in and ask “Yeah, I’m looking for a half-height, PCIx video card” and the “geek” in question stares at me in a way that I’m expecting him to drool anytime, it doesn’t build my confidence in your service, ya know what I mean?  I...

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Onkyo Unveils New Rovi Powered Home Theater Systems

Oct 6, 2009 by

Rovi Corporation (Formerly known as Macrovision) today announced that consumers using devices built with the latest edition of Rovi’s Connected Platform media networking software will be able to find, play and share content (such as movies, TV shows, music and photos) stored on Windows...

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