Entertainment 2.0 #170 : Ben’s Perfect Remote

Mar 23, 2012 by

Although Josh and Richard couldn’t get Episode 170 recorded last week, they managed to get the job done this week. Ben Wade, one of the newest contributors to the DMZ joined them to discuss his home theater and his recent article about the perfect home theater remote control. The rest of the news included Comskip now supporting WTV files, Apple’s latest iPad and Apple TV, along with Dish finalizing pricing and availability details for their Hopper DVR. Richard also dug in to the problem surrounding how to effectively archive our abundance of digital media in such a way as to make it useful and discoverable in the future. There was also a lot of listener feedback to get to at the beginning of the show. Make sure to join Josh and Richard for the live recording of the next episode of the show next Tuesday, March 27th, at 8pm ET!

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