Record Online Video Without a Computer Using PlayOn Cloud

Nov 30, 2016 by

With the arrival of PlayOn Cloud you can now record videos from dozens of online sources, store them in the cloud, and download them to your mobile devices for offline viewing.

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Now You Can Watch Netflix Offline on iOS, Android

Nov 30, 2016 by

It's been a long time coming, but Netflix has finally added offline viewing of movies, shows, and originals to its iOS and Android app.

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Kwikset Adds Android Support for Kevo

Mar 2, 2015 by

Kwikset has released an Android app for its popular Kevo deadbolt lock, but for now it only works on a limited number of devices.

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Hulu Plus Adds Content, Value to Chromecast

Oct 3, 2013 by

Hulu adds Chromecast support to its Android and iPad apps, bringing significantly more content (and value) to Google's $35 HDMI stick.

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Controlling Google TV from your Android Device

Sep 18, 2013 by

Google TV had a slow start, but now they can be had for under $100. Combine that with the ability to control them with an Android phone or tablet and you've got a compelling experience. We walk you through setting it all up.

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Xbox Music for Android and iOS Hands-On

Sep 16, 2013 by

Microsoft made good on their promise to expand their Xbox Music to other platforms by releasing apps for iOS and Android. We go hands on with the new apps to see how they stack up against the competition.

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Ceton Cancels Android on Echo Project

Sep 6, 2013 by

Ceton has announced that it has cancelled its project to bring Android to its Window Media Center Extender product, the Echo.

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TiVo App Gets Targeted Viewing Recommendations

May 16, 2013 by

TiVo has released some new features to its already outstanding iOS app, including viewing recommendations based on your own viewing habits, preferences, and location.

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Verizon’s Viewdini App Update Promises and Disappoints

Apr 6, 2013 by

After discovering Verizon Wireless' relatively unknown Viewdini video portal at CES 2013, we had great hopes for the app's anticipated update. Unfortunately, the quality, organization, and design continue to disappoint.

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Amazon, Ford Add Your Cloud Music Library to SYNC

Feb 24, 2013 by

Owners of newer Ford vehicles with Ford SYNC AppLink can now enjoy their music from the cloud with Amazon's MP3 Cloud Player for Android.

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CES Interview with SiliconDust CEO

Jan 16, 2013 by

We interview SiliconDust's CEO, Ted Head, at CES. See the complete discussion about the HDHomeRun products they're rolling out to support the recently announced Project:Connect and the future of CableCARD.

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New HDHomeRun Promises Tuner Support around the Home

Jan 11, 2013 by

Between firmware updates for existing HDHomeRun Prime users and new HDHomeRun tuners and apps in the very near future, SiliconDust lays out a roadmap for bringing premium content screens all around your home.

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