Ceton Cancels Android on Echo Project

Sep 6, 2013 by

Ceton has announced that it has cancelled its project to bring Android to the Echo Media Center Extender. Readers may recall that several months ago, Ceton announced the future expansion of capabilities of the Echo by bringing Android to the box. Unfortunately, expanded beta testing has revealed a hardware incompatibility with one of the third-party components in the little unit. Efforts by the component manufacturer to address the problem have failed, and Ceton has been forced to cancel the project.

Ceton’s blog post announcing the decision reiterates that the Echo remains a great option for Media Center users looking for a small, low-power Windows Media Center Extender. At $179, now on par with Microsoft’s Xbox 360, we’re hoping the holidays bring a price drop to help make the product more competitive.

Source: Ceton blog post


  • LTSkier

    Damn it. I’m surprised they went that far then just gave up rather than getting a rev2 of the hardware with an upgrade program.