Story Players #013 – What Remains of Edith Finch

Nov 7, 2017 by


This week the Story Players are playing the critically-acclaimed What Remains of Edith Finch. It may have a strange name, but the numerous stories it has to tell will keep you thinking about them for days! It’s a pretty short game, at a little over two hours of play time, about a young woman who returns to her family’s home to finally learn all the secrets it holds.

As usual, you’ll want to play through the game prior to enjoying this episode. Josh and Joe will be spoiling the entire story as they provide their thoughts on what happened to every member of the Finch family. When you’re done listening, join the conversation! The guys would love to hear your feedback on the game. You can comment below or contact them through any of the methods listed below.

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  • MikeFindlay

    Thank you for the very excellent analysis of Edith Finch. As a former BGSU English major I can tell you that I have read critiques of the great authors that were not as thorough. I loved Edith Finch and no doubt will go back and play it all over at some point. You did a great job of analyzing the details. I would only add that where the game fell short for me was, here we had story after story of a family’s tragic loss. But their deaths were more game play and less tragedy. When one dies, you move on to another. The shortcoming is character development. How much more would it take to make the player feel the loss? To better connect? Not much, in my opinion. Maybe fewer characters better developed would make it more personal. Regardless, this is a game the begs for many sequels. Maybe starting at the house in the ocean. Hope we see them soon. Thanks for your insightful discussion of an exceptional game.