Entertainment 2.0 #429: Naively Foolish

Nov 9, 2017 by

Entertainment 2.0

It seems as if most of the tech industry was attempting to give deference to the launch of Microsoft’s Xbox One X this week. Other than the release of the most powerful game console in history, there wasn’t a lot of other big news. That didn’t stop Josh and Richard from digging up some useful tools and deals though! There’s a site that promises to better inform your UHD Blu-ray purchasing decisions, and at the same time Amazon is running a great promotion on those 4k discs.

The rest of the news was dominated by Microsoft’s gaming division. With the launch of the Xbox One X the guys were wondering what happened to the original claims of greatly reduced load times. Fortunately there is pretty definitive information available now analyzing those load times. Microsoft may also be considering releasing first-party titles on other devices. They also have a video game streaming service in the works.

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