Story Players #012 – Mass Effect Andromeda – Episode 9

Nov 3, 2017 by


After nine episodes, the Story Players have completed their trek through Mass Effect Andromeda! This final episode starts off by discussing one of their favorite side missions of the game. Then Josh gives his final romance update with Jaal. After that, the guys break down the last mission, Meridian: The Way Home.

With this being the final episode in the series, Josh and Joe spend some time discussing their overall thoughts on the game. Would they recommend others check it out? Would they replay it? How does it stack up against the other three titles in the Mass Effect universe?

The guys have enjoyed playing through the game, and they’ve enjoyed recording this series even more. Hopefully you’ve enjoyed it too! Make sure you’re subscribed to keep up with the other shorter games they are playing, and so that you won’t miss the next long series they get into.

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