Entertainment 2.0 #417: Maybe I’m an Xbox Stalker

Aug 10, 2017 by

Entertainment 2.0

After a couple quiet weeks on the Microsoft entertainment technology front some fairly big things happened this week! Leaks out of Microsoft surprised everyone as it turned out they were launching a Spotify app for the Xbox One. Josh and Richard have used it, and they’re here to provide their feedback. Plex also brought their live TV and DVR service out of beta while simultaneously offering it on two more platforms. Microsoft also rolled out yet another complete design overhaul for the Xbox One to Insiders.On the industry front, Disney used their earnings call to announce they’d be pulling most of their content from Netflix to build their own service.

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  • Kevin Rush AIA CSI ALA

    A few comments about your broadcast on Mixer.

    I typically listen to the Entertainment 2.0 Podcast a few days later after the live recording using the ZUNE desktop software or on my Windows mobile phone. (If it was available on my Windows Media Center, I would watch using that too.) That all said, this time I went to Mixer (days later) and tried to watch the video. The audio worked, but the video was mostly frozen or maybe it would be better called a very very very slow stutter. Go and check it out for yourself. I tried a few times to refresh the browser but that didn’t help. I checked other videos, to see if my internet connection was slow, it wasn’t.

    Also, just for your information, the Live Chat didn’t seem to work in Mixer or maybe there was only a few. I also watch WindowsCentral after the fact (on Mixer) and their Live Chat shows up with the video.

    Just thought you should know.

    One more comment. No twitter or facebook for me. I wish that you wouldn’t rely only on them. I think (maybe?) Mixer will send out emails that you are about to broadcast.

    I’m a new user to Mixer and I like Mixer. I hope you sort out the issues and keep using Mixer.

    Best Wishes,
    Windows Media Center whole house HTPC, Windows Phone, Zune, XBox and our businesses use many Windows Computers with Microsoft Office 365 and OneDrive.