Tablo Updates App and Releases New Hardware

Jan 6, 2015 by

TabloProductAndTablet_FrontLeftWe were first introduced to Tablo last year at CES, and this year they are back with updates and new products. Tablo is an OTA DVR that doesn’t connect directly to your TV. Instead the idea is that you can access the content via apps on your tablet or devices connected to your TV.

The vast majority of Tablo users view their recording via Roku devices. It’s a functional app, but has been in need of a refresh to improve the user experience, and add features that are only found in apps on other platforms. Fortunately, Tablo announced that they are going to be releasing a major update to the Roku app. They are also going to be releasing new apps for the Amazon Fire TV and Android TV devices. These apps are all expected to be released in “early 2015.”

Tablo is also rolling out new hardware. For cord-cutters who live within 25 miles of their local network antenna towers, Tablo is introducing the Tablo METRO. It’s a dual-tuner device that has fractal antennas integrated directly into the board. It’s available for pre-order now for $249.99. They expect to begin shipping orders in March. The current four-tuner version (without integrated antennas) can also be had for $249.

Tablo is also releasing their own stand-alone antennas. They are indoor omni-directional antennas utilizing the similar fractal design technology as the antennas built into the METRO. They will sell two versions. One is amplified, and the other is not. The non-amplified version will run $39.99.