Polk Announces Striker Gaming Headset at E3 2014

Jun 10, 2014 by

Polk Audio really impressed us when we recently reviewed their 4 Shot gaming headset for the Xbox One. While they may be new to the gaming market, they aren’t content to just make the best sounding Xbox One headset we’ve tried!

Today at E3 they are announcing a new headset. It’s called the Striker, and it’s targeted at the lower-cost offerings from Microsoft and Turtle Beach. The claim of course is that Polk’s new headset will bring unprecedented audio quality to a lower price point.

The Polk Audio Striker is a gaming headset that looks much more the part than the 4 Shot. We liked the looks of the 4 Shot, but we’re sure many will enjoy the more aggressive styling of the Striker. They’ve also integrated a boom microphone directly into the headset, but even that is done in a unique way. It is built as an extension mic that slides directly out of a channel on the left ear cup. It can be placed very close to your mouth for optimal placement, and then it can easily be stowed away for when you just want to hear the audio.

Amazingly, the new microphone design isn’t even the biggest surprise with the Polk Striker headset. What is even more interesting is that Polk Audio designed their own wireless headset adapter. Polk says that their adapter offers “improved sound and chat performance”. It also includes built-in controls for managing the mix of game and chat audio, so you won’t be missing out on any of the features of Microsoft’s adapter. This new adapter is also bundled in with the Striker headset, so yo don’t have to worry about needing to purchase an additional accessory to go along with the headset. We don’t have any pictures of the adapter yet, but we’ll include them as soon as they are available.

The Polk Audio Striker will be available in early October, and it will retail for $89. While we doubt that it will outperform its big brother, the 4 Shot, that isn’t really the point. We’ll be eager to try it out, and see how it matches up against Microsoft’s headset.

Read the complete press release below.

LOS ANGELES (June 10, 2014) – Polk, a high-performance audio brand with 40 years of sound, engineering and design expertise, continues its journey of bringing great sound to the gaming world with the debut of the Striker headset at E3 2014, the Electronic Entertainment Expo. The Striker, which is designed for next-gen gaming platforms, raises the bar for gaming headsets by offering gamers audiophile-grade sound performance in a well-constructed, affordable and attractive design.

“With the Striker, our goal is to fill a void in the gaming headset market by offering an affordable headphone option that delivers dynamic sound during all aspects of a game―whether it’s dialogue between characters or an intense action sequence,” said Mark Suskind, vice president of user experience at Polk. “As we continue to make significant investments in gaming, all of our supporting innovations will be designed to enhance and expand the rich, multifaceted audio elements within games played on any console.”

Polk marked its entrance into the gaming industry at E3 2013, introducing consumers to an immersive world of gaming through its suite of innovative audio solutions: the 4 Shot Xbox One headset, the Melee Xbox 360 headset and the N1 sound bar. All of these solutions were developed in collaboration with Microsoft and its gaming developers, 343 Industries and Turn 10 Studios. Like its predecessors, the new Striker headset delivers high quality audio that transports listeners deeper into games, music and movies at a more affordable price point. Its sleek design is equal parts stylish and comfortable with a lightweight, cushioned headband and plush, pivoting ear cups—appropriately called the ProFit Comfort system—to ensure a more enjoyable fit. For gameplay on the Xbox One, Striker will be packaged with a wireless adapter developed exclusively by Polk that boasts improved sound and chat performance. The wireless adapter plugs directly into the Xbox One controller and connects wirelessly to the Xbox One console, giving users complete control of chat and volume at their fingertips.

Retailing for $89, the Striker will be available in three colorways―black, grey/blue and white/orange―in early October. Additional features and capabilities include:

• Game-Changing Sound Quality – Polk’s Dynamic Balance® driver technology reveals a wider and more impressive frequency range with sharp details and no hints of strain or resonances, so gamers never skip a beat

• Clear Chat Audio – A built-in boom mic optimizes crisp, clear chat; in addition, a 7-cm. flexible extension seamlessly conforms to a gamer’s chat preferences and retracts easily into the ear cup when not in use

• Freedom of Movement – Located at the ear cup, a strain-relief cable connector ensures the 46-in. cable always keeps users connected to the game without getting in the way

The Striker will be on display at Polk’s E3 booth (#4012 in the West Hall). Full product demonstrations and sound engineer interviews are available with an appointment. Please contact soundunited@formulapr.com or call 619.234.0345 to schedule a time. For more information about the Polk brand and its other sound solutions, please visit www.polkaudio.com

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