Kinectless Xbox One Now Available

Jun 9, 2014 by

From the moment Microsoft announced the Xbox One there were many gamers who were hoping they’d be able to purchase the console without the Kinect. While we at the DMZ love all of the extra functionality that the Kinect enables on Microsoft’s next-generation entertainment console, we understand that there are some people who just refuse to be convinced. If you fall into that second group, today is your day. You can now pick up an Xbox One without a Kinect for only $399.

While it’s nice to see an Xbox One available for less than $400, it’s actually pretty hard to recommend. Don’t get us wrong, we don’t say that because we dislike the console. Quite the contrary! We just think you’d be better off picking up the Titanfall bundle. It includes the Xbox One, the Kinect, and a copy of Titanfall for only $499. That’s basically the same as buying an Xbox with the Kinect, and getting Titanfall for free. Look at it this way, you’re most likely going to buy Titanfall anyway. If you go with this option, you’re really only paying $50 for the Kinect. Even if decide you don’t even want to try the Kinect, you’ll probably be able to sell it to someone else for more than $50.

Regardless of which option you select, we wholeheartedly recommend the Xbox One for its great games, it’s innovative features (many of which require the Kinect), and its huge selection of media apps.


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