Microsoft Announces Xbox One Media Remote

Feb 20, 2014 by

Controlling the Xbox One with your voice is a cool experience, but it isn’t always ideal if you’re simply trying to watch your favorite show. Sometimes you just want to use a standard remote control. Today Microsoft announced their own Media Remote for the Xbox One. The remote is fairly small, and all black, like the controller. It has all the buttons you would expect on a media remote, like play/pause, forward/reverse, skip, and stop along with a traditional directional arrow section with an enter button in the middle of the arrows. It also has the extra buttons that are required for using the entertainment console, like the Xbox and menu buttons. It also has a back button and a dedicated OneGuide button to aid in navigating around the Xbox UI.

Because television is such an integrated experience with the Xbox One the new remote also features volume and channel changing buttons. The Xbox’s Kinect sensor can already be configured to use its built-in IR blasters to control your television or A/V receivers power, and now this remote allows you to control the volume too. One of the nicer features of the remote is that it has a built-in back light for the keys that is motion activated.

Overall the Xbox One Media Remote has a clean and simple design. It’s reasonable size, paired with it’s silicone skin should make it feel nice in the hand. It will be available in early March. You’ll be able to pick one up for $24.99.

Source: Xbox Wire


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