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How About a trakt Windows Media Center Plugin?

As a follow-up to my last post, Keeping Windows Media Center Alive Without Microsoft, I was recently reminded of a feature request from a few of people over on the Recorded TV HD forums. While building support for trackt.tv into Recorded TV HD makes sense, the feature would also be useful to people who weren’t using Recorded TV HD.

So here is my question: “How many people can we get to commit to backing the development of a trakt Windows Media Center plugin?”

Take a look at the trakt.tv website to see if you would be interested in having this for Windows Media Center. Beyond keeping a history of what you watch through Media Center there are quite a few features that this could also add, such as recommendations.

How About a trakt Windows Media Center Plugin?

With my current workload and life schedule there is no way I could spend the time on writing it and then give it away for free. I don’t know what the pricing of the plugin would be, that would probably depend on the amount of community support, but I can say it would probably be in the $5 range. There also could be other Media Center developers who would be willing to take this one on as well,  just comment below if that’s you!

So here is where you come in… just vote!

Do you want a trakt Windows Media Center Plugin?

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  • Not to be disagreeable, but why not GetGlue? Would it be possible that this could be built in a way that the service itself is abstracted enough so it could (theoretically) be any viewing tracking service?

  • Wow, I’ve never even heard of Trakt or GetGlue. (as an aside, could you have a worse product name than GetGlue??) I’m familiar with the concept of scrobbling but I’ve never really understood why people do it. What would scrobbling my TV shows do for me exactly? Let other people see what I’m watching? I’m not trying to be disagreeable either, I’m just trying to understand the point.

    Bottom line is I’m excited for anything Mark might be doing for media center as I’m a big fan of his work. But if there were a short list of WMC features that the community is looking at this would probably be last on my list. (though I’d probably purchase it anyway just to support Mark and WMC!)

  • Looks like GetGlue just changed their name to tvtag. Better name 🙂 … Thanks for the compliments! One of the reasons I’m asking the community is because it was suggested to me and I don’t know how much I would use/like it myself 🙂 Do you have any other ideas for needed plugins?

  • Here are a few reasons I can come up with:
    1. The request from several users was specifically for trakt so that’s why I suggested it.
    2. It seems to be more HTPC focused than GetGlue.
    3. You can customize whether you want it to post to your social networks or not based on the show (or not post it to social networks at all). This would be essential for something that runs in the background and does everything automatically.
    4. It looks like it provides a few more features that could be made use of such as recommendations based on your library and what you’ve been watching. I don’t think that is available in GetGlue.

    As I told Alex, I’m not sure how much I would actually use/like it myself, which is why I opened it up to all… Everybody likes different things I guess. Any other suggestions on other plugins that Media Center is missing?

  • I commented on your earlier post that I’d love to see an UltraViolet client. I don’t even know if that’s possible. And if we’re dreaming—you know…real pie-in-the-sky—I’d love an iTunes client (another thing that I don’t know if it’s possible).