Surface RT Prices Slashed

Jul 15, 2013 by

When Microsoft launched the Surface RT last October one of the biggest complaints about it was the price. The 32GB version was being sold for $499 with a 64GB version available for a $100 premium. Those prices also didn’t include a keyboard cover which is practically required to get the most out of the system. Those issues, plus the tablet’s less-than-stellar performance led to sales that didn’t quite stack up to what some may have hoped. It wasn’t hard to make arguments in favor of the Surface’s overall value, but many still weren’t going to be willing to part with over $600 to have the breakthrough device.

Given all of that, many are jumping to that to explain why Microsoft has drastically cut the price of the Surface RT. Now, more than eight months after the original release, the Surface RT can be had at a$150 discount. The Microsoft Store, and other partners (like Best Buy) are now listing the 32GB version for $349. The 64GB version is $449, and a black Touch cover can be bundled with either of them for an additional $100 (saving you $19).

Many are rushing to blame the perceived lack of sales success even though it’s impossible to know what Microsoft’s goals were for the Surface RT. Some have even gone as far as to compare it to HP’s failed TouchPad which had its prices slashed within a month of its release. This seems to be a very different situation though. While it’s fun to rush to criticize large companies, and to point the finger at perceived failure, there is a far more logical and likely reason for the price cut: timing.

The Surface RT has been available for over 8 months now. In terms of tablet technology that is starting to get old. More specifically though, we fully expect Microsoft to announce and launch a new version of the device within the next couple of months. That being said, it makes total sense for Microsoft to lower the cost of the older device to clear out stock prior to bringing the new device in. So will you be buying or recommending a Surface RT now that the price is so much lower?

Anecdotal, but fun, side-note. This post was written on a Surface RT with a Touch Cover.