Is CinemaNow Gone from Window Media Center?

Dec 30, 2012 by

Remember this tile in Windows Media Center’s Extras Gallery? For a long time CinemaNow was the only on-demand movie service available in Media Center, but we didn’t know of many people who actually used it. So imagine our excitement when BestBuy announced CinemaNow’s UltraViolet support. We’d been waiting for an UltraViolet service that would work natively in Media Center, and it seemed like we finally had one.

Not so fast! It seems that CinemaNow isn’t available for Media Center anymore—despite the fact that the tile’s still there, even in the Windows Media Center Pack for Windows 8. One click of the Extras tile takes you to a 404 page—a pretty one, but a 404 nonetheless.

Our call to CinemaNow’s support line yielded no useful information (“you have to use the Rovi Player”). They seem to have never even heard of this Media Center add-in. And Best Buy has declined to respond or comment to our request for information.