Ceton Discusses Its New “Q” Entertainment Platform

Jan 16, 2012 by

Last week at CES, Ceton hosted a technology preview of a new entertainment platform comprising a whole-home DVR/media hub, a Media Center extender, and a family of companion apps for second screens and mobile devices. We sat down with Ed Graczyk, Ceton’s Chief Marketing Officer, to hear about this exciting new suite of products first-hand. Last week’s Entertainment 2.0 featured clips from our interview, but you can catch the entire inteview right here.

Download the interview or listen, below.

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  • Anonymous

    I’m psyched for the Hopper. Out of all the great announcements at CES this year, it was far and away my favorite. I’ve seen DISH come out with a lot of great products over the last few years of working for the company, but one thing that’s been missing is a whole home DVR. And with that enormous hard-drive and the ability to record six shows simultaneously with the PrimeTime Anytime feature enabled, it shows they intend on raising the bar. I wish it was out now but the Hopper is going to be worth the wait.

  • Jon Willoughby

    I am excited to hear about the Q (obviously!), but I’m also excited to hear about the extender! Maybe I didn’t pay enough attention to the interview, but from what I understand, there are two extender modes. Will the classic extender mode have any additional functionality or will you only get that if you pair it with a Q? I’m excited either way!!

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