Ubisoft+ is Coming to Xbox

Ubisoft+ is Coming to Xbox

This week, Ubisoft announced that their game subscription service, Ubisoft+, is coming to Xbox. They also shared that an upcoming major title will be launching on day one on Xbox Game Pass.

Ubisoft+ is one of many services described as the “Netflix of gaming.” It’s a service that allows gamers to play over 100 Ubisoft titles. Games can either be downloaded to PC or streamed on Stadia or Luna. Ubisoft+ is a monthly subscription that costs either $14.99 for the PC version or $16.99 to add cloud streaming. Ubisoft even releases their top-tier games to the service on the day they are released. They also include all of the DLC and premium features for each game.

Ubisoft hasn’t given any details as to how the service will work on Xbox but we imagine it will be similar to Game Pass and EA Play. Subscribers will have a separate section of the store dedicated to games within the subscription and customers can download them directly to the console. The biggest question we have is if Ubisoft is working with Microsoft to include Ubisoft+ in Game Pass Ultimate. Currently, Game Pass Ultimate and PC Game Pass include EA Play at no extra fee. This gives gamers access to a large catalog of EA games in addition to the library already included in Game Pass.

Perhaps the best indicator that Ubisoft+ might bring the service to Game Pass is that they also announced their next hit game is launching on Game Pass. Rainbow Six Extraction, a cooperative PVE shooter, releases on January 20th. Game Pass subscribers on Xbox and PC will be able to download it that same day at no extra cost. Ubisoft is also adding Rainbow Six Siege to the PC Game Pass library on January 20th. It’s already available via Xbox Game Pass.


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