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Ring Announces Glass Break Sensor; We Ask “Where’s Our Drone?”

Ring Glass Break Sensor

In what is likely one of Ring’s least exciting CES product reveals, the intrepid security industry challenger has introduced a wireless glass break sensor for its popular home security systems. Designed for both the Ring Alarm and Ring Alarm Pro systems, the discrete Ring Alarm Glass Break Sensor can be placed or mounted anywhere within range of Ring’s Base Station and is expected to last up to 3 years on replaceable AA batteries.

This seemingly mundane launch heralds a level of maturation for Ring’s offering in the home security market. They already have most of the expected components for a home system, and now they’re filling in the gaps.

Anyone who’s had a system with glass break sensors, though, knows that they’re notoriously problematic. Some homeowners end up bypassing them entirely. Ring’s glass break sensors will use AI to identify the sound of different types of glass breaking and minimize false positives.

Of course, with past announcements of products that still aren’t generally available, our mind goes to the inevitable future. Glass breakage detected? Send in the drones! Alas, we may have to wait a bit longer on that one.

The Ring Alarm Glass Break Sensor will retail for just under $40, with a 2-pack coming in at around $70. They’re available now for pre-order at Amazon.


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