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Get a Monthly Streaming Credit from AmEx Platinum

Get a Monthly Streaming Credit from AmEx Platinum
U.S. American Express Platinum card holders get up to $20 back each month against streaming services through the end of the year.

American Express has added a new benefit for Platinum card customers. In addition to the many other benefits Platinum cardholders enjoy, they’re now seeing up to a $20 credit against streaming services. This deal lasts through December of this year. If you subscribe to any of over two dozen different streaming services, AmEx will automatically credit your bill for the service(s), up to a maximum of $20 each month. This is a nice, timely feature for people who are staying home more. Many of the Platinum card benefits are geared toward travelers. So this gives those not traveling now a new benefit to enjoy.

AmEx has implemented this in the easiest way possible. U.S. customers who pay for any of the services on a list of Select U.S. Streaming Services automatically get this credit. The list includes some of our favorite music, TV, sports, and premium services. Some cable alternatives, like Sling TV and YouTube TV, also qualify! You don’t have to be a new subscriber. You don’t have to register for the credit. Just pay for it with your American Express Platinum card. That’s it.

The American Express Platinum card

For charges to qualify for the AmEx streaming credit, the services must be billing your American Express directly—add-ons to another platform, like Apple TV+ or Amazon, don’t count. If you have the personal Platinum card from American Express, and you’re not already paying for your streaming services through that card, you may want to change the billing information on your services. Through the end of the year, you could save as much as $140!

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