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Verizon Unlocks Showtime and More for Fios Customers

Nearly every streaming service is offering some form of free trial while much of the world stays home to minimize the impact of the coronavirus. Many have extended existing trials, still requiring you to sign up for the service. Then you have to remember to cancel before the trial ends [Hint: set a calendar reminder for yourself].

TV showing logos of HBO, Showtime, Epix, Cinemax, and Starz

Get Showtime for Free

Showtime is one such service. Apple, for example, has a one-month trial period for its Showtime “channel” available in Apple TV. Of all the providers, Verizon seems to have made this easiest for its viewers. If you’re a Fios customer, you don’t have to sign up for anything. Just tune to one of the Showtime channels! Verizon has unlocked all of the Showtime, Movie Channel, and EPIX channels.

Depending on what service or device you use to watch TV, you may need to go into your settings and put those channels back in your guide—they probably won’t just show up on their own. Showtime, Movie Channel, and EPIX channels will remain unlocked and free for all of April.

You’ll Have to Work for the Rest

So that’s the easy part. Once you master enabling/disabling channels in your guide, you may want to revisit those settings again later in the month. Verizon will also make the HBO and Cinemax channels available for free, but only from April 17–20 (kind of like your typical premium preview weekend promo). Starz channels will also be free for the full week of April 17–23.

It’s obvious from scanning Verizon’s promo page that the true motivation is to hook you into subscribing to these services. Regardless, you might as well take advantage of them being available. Maybe record a few movies on your DVR. Happy viewing…enjoy your free Showtime and other premium channels!


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