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Story Players #0 – Introducing Story Players

story_players_logo_350Today we’re excited to announce a brand-new podcast at The Digital Media Zone: Story Players.

In Story Players Josh and Joe analyze story-driven games, from walking simulators to RPGs to episodic games. Each episode covers a single game and includes discussions on plot, characters, and those gut-wrenching choices you’re often forced to make.

Each season of the show covers a handful of shorter games and at least one lengthy game. You’re invited to play along with them, assuming you’ve either played the game or don’t mind having it spoiled.

In this first season of Story Players the guys will be playing Life is Strange: Before the Storm, Mass Effect Andromeda, Tacoma, What Remains of Edith Finch, and maybe a couple more games.

The first episode will launch in just a few days, so please subscribe to ensure you don’t miss it! We also really need your feedback. You can send it to us through any of the methods below. The other way you can help us out is by sharing Story Players. Please tell your friends on Twitter, Facebook, or the old-fashioned way: in real life!

Click here to download episode #0.

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The intro music is a song called Thank You For Holding by Lee Rosevere