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Tablo TV DVR Comes to Xbox One

Tablo, the over-the-air DVR platform, just released an app for the Xbox One, bringing DVR capabilities previously promised, but not delivered, by Microsoft to the popular living room entertainment console. The new app offers most of Tablo’s features, including basic live and recorded playback, pausing live TV, skipping commercials, and more. Filters and other features are coming soon in planned updates. Tablo’s new app also works on Windows 10 (Anniversary Update) tablets and desktops, so presumably this is a UWP app that will maintain feature parity across platforms.


We first encountered Tablo at CES a few years back. And while we questioned their headless, BYO-storage approach to the DVR at the time, their model has become increasingly popular with others, including ChannelMasterHDHomeRun, and Plex. They supply the network streaming device with tuners (2 or 4, depending on your TV dependencies), and you supply the ATSC antenna and storage. To control and watch, you can use your iOS or Android device, Apple TV (generation 4), Fire TV or tablet, Android TV, Roku, LG’s webOS-based TVs, and now Windows and the Xbox One. Tablo also has a web app for viewing locally at my.tablotv.com and plug-ins for Kodi and Plex. So…they’ve pretty much got you covered.

Grant Hall, CEO of Nuvyyo, makers of Tablo, noted that “many cord cutters were left without an OTA DVR option for their gaming system of choice when Microsoft put their project plans on hold,” and Nuvyyo is excited to step in and solve that problem.

tabloproduct_frontrightTablo lists for $219.99 and $299.99 USD, respectively, for the 2- and 4-tuner models, but the 2-tuner box is available on Amazon for well under $200Tablo TV DVR Comes to Xbox One. You’ll also need to pony up for a ≈$5/month subscription, which pays for guide data and services. We scoffed at that initially, but c’mon…$5 is less than the cost of a beer in most downtown bars. They also offer annual and lifetime subscription rates at ≈$50 and ≈$150 USD, respectively. Tablo is available in the US and Canada.

Source: Tablo.com



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