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Plex Adds Photo Library Improvements


Usually when we’re discussing Plex, it’s in the context of managing video content. But Plex is also great for accessing your other media, too, including music and photos. The latest update to Plex, version, includes some significant improvements to photo libraries. First, the updated web app gets a much-improved photo viewing experience, including full integration of your home videos, which used to be relegated to a separate library. The photo import process has also been improved, now 3 times faster than in prior releases.

The real magic, though, is held for Plex Pass subscribers. Plex Pass now unlocks advanced automatic photo tagging. Based on a trusted, third-party machine learning analysis, Plex can apply keyword tags to your photos based on what’s in the images. If you’ve ever tried to find a photo you’ve taken amongst likely thousands of other digital images, you’ll appreciate the convenience this affords. And your original photographs are not altered in any way—the tags exist in your Plex library. To enable automatic tagging, edit your photo library settings, and choose Automatically tag my photos in the Options tab.

plexphotosearch-tags-1600x974Plex Pass subscribers also have the ability to automatically upload photographs taken on their Android, iOS, Windows and Windows Phone devices, allowing for centralized local storage of photos taken on nearly all devices in your household.  And of course all Plex users can search on tags through Plex’s iOS, Android, and web apps.

Plex’s announcement of these features hints at additional improvements to come. We hope this includes improved 10-foot photo browsing on streaming devices and TVs.

Note to DVR beta users: If you’re using a beta version of Plex to try out its new DVR capabilities, you should not update to new versions of Plex as they’re released. Doing so will remove all DVR features. DVR users will need to wait until the DVR features are rolled into the main product before they can take advantage of these and other enhancements and fixes in Plex.

Source: Plex Blog



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