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Axiim Q Fills the 4k Gap

axiim-q-4k-400A few months ago Axiim released the Q. It caused us to question whether this product was finally ushering in quality wireless surround sound. In our review of the Axiim Q we really liked the product, but we had one question about its timing to market. The Q only supports 1080p video, and 2016 is shaping out to be the year that 4k UHD, and high dynamic range (HDR) video starts to become mainstream.

Fortunately for you 4k early adopters, Axiim has some great news. They’ve been working on an upgrade to the Q Media Center. Coming in January 2017 they’ll have a new base unit that, through the addition of HDMI 2.0 ports, will support 4k UHD and HDR video. We’ve reached out to Axiim to find out which specific HDR formats will be supported. Once we hear back, we’ll update this post.

If you are a technology early adopter you’re probably used to getting burned by announcements like this. Axiim is a company of early adopters though, and they don’t want to treat you like that. That’s why they are providing customers with a free upgrade to the new 4k Media Center! If you’ve already purchased the Q, or if you’re about to, you can get the upgraded model for free once they come out early next year. This is practically unheard of! If you haven’t had a chance to check out the Q, make sure to read our full review of system.



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