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DISH Announces HopperGO – An Exciting Portable Media Cloud

HopperGODISH Network never fails to disappoint with their CES announcements, and this year was no different. One of their more unexpected announcements came in the form of a new device called the HopperGO. The new device is designed to allow you to take recordings from your Hopper DVR with you, while you’re on the go, and to use your phones and tablets to view the content.

Essentially the HopperGO is a portable hard drive that also has a built in Wi-Fi access point. You connect it via USB 2.0 to a Hopper DVR, and can load it up with up-to 100 hours of content on the 64GB drive. Then while you’re out and about, the HopperGO provides its own Wi-Fi network for your phone or tablet to connect to. Once you’ve connected your device you can view all the content stored on the HopperGO via the DISH Anywhere app. All of this without using an internet connection for the HopperGO or on your mobile device. It’s your own private, portable, media cloud.

The HopperGO has an expected battery life of five hours. If that is not long enough, you can use it while it is charging. In addition, while it is billed as a personal device, you can share the entertainment with others too. The HopperGO supports five simultaneous streams.

DISH’s HopperGO will go on sale late in the first quarter of 2016. It will cost $99, and it won’t require any additional monthly fees.

Source: DISH Network


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