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Apple Stores Offer Hue Bridge HomeKit Upgrade Discount

broken hue imageWhen Philips refreshed the site to coincide with the availability of new and updated hue products, they indicated that previous owners of hue lighting products could receive a $20 discount through a bridge trade in program. The new bridge brings Apple HomeKit support to your hue lights, and with the discount that upgrade is just a $40 expense.

But the site has been something of a mess, incorrectly reporting availability status, showing broken images [hello 2003?], and still to this day lacking any real information on how to find your hue bridge product ID to redeem the discount. Plus by the time you add Philips’ expensive shipping costs, you haven’t really saved as much as anticipated.

hue sold out

Fortunately, and Apple Stores in North America and Europe are offering the Philips HUE HomeKit Upgrade Bridge (for Current HUE Bridge Users) at the discounted price. Just add the product to your bag, and the discount will automatically be applied to your order. We put in our order this past weekend, and it’s legit—and now we’re rocking the new Hue Bridge for testing and discussion on an upcoming episode of Home: On. And Apple’s discount does not require that you complete the treasure hunt for your product ID.

It’s unclear if Apple’s discount will last until the end of the year or “while supplies last” like Philips’ discount program, so if you’re interested in upgrading your Hue system, you may want to take advantage of this discount now. Thanks go to listener @DKBIntrigue on Twitter for tipping us off on Apple’s discount!

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