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Groove Music Now Available on Sonos


Groove Music users may be excited to hear that they can now access their collections and the entire Groove Music library on their Sonos systems. Groove is Microsoft’s recently rebranded online music streaming service (f.k.a. Xbox Music (f.k.a. Zune Music)) that launched today on Windows 10 and on the Web.

To add Groove to your Sonos system, you’ll need to update your services settings and look for Groove under “Beta” or “Sonos Labs,” depending on what platform you’re using. After authenticating with your Microsoft login info, Groove will appear as a music source. Groove avails your collection (both purchased music and music on OneDrive) and playlists plus featured and searchable content from the Groove Music library.

FullSizeRenderOne caveat is that using Groove on Sonos requires a Groove Music Pass (f.k.a. Xbox Musi—never mind, you get the point). This isn’t too surprising except that this is required even to listen to tracks in your own collection. Since that’s not how Groove itself works, we’re hoping that will change when this Sonos service graduates out of beta status.

Of course, if you’re not already a Groove Music Pass subscriber, you can always give it a try during a 30 day free trial period.

ltimately, this is a smart move by Microsoft. Apple device users have been wondering when Apple Music might also make an appearance on Sonos, and while both Apple and Sonos have indicated that they intend on making it happen, Microsoft has already shown up with a working product.


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