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Cord Cutting With Xbox One [Video Presentation]

The Microsoft MVP Award Program was kind enough to let me host an online workshop regarding the Xbox One and cord cutting. Essentially, I spend about 40 minutes going over my personal experience with cord cutting, and how I aimed to make Xbox One the one console in my living room. Since this recording was done the day after Microsoft’s E3 2015 Xbox Briefing, I was able to also discuss a bit of the news from that event including backwards compatibility for Xbox 360 games.

There’s something to note: I wasn’t aware that I’d be doing  a video recording till the run through. I’m fine with it, because it’s something I need to get better at, and I can’t keep shying from it. So you’ll notice that I still need some…tweaking in that department. I do hope that the information I presented is worth your time, and that you do gain some valuable insight in case you plan on cutting the cord at some point in the future.