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TiVo App Update Ready for OnePass

TiVo App Update Ready for OnePassiOS users have received an update to their TiVo app that freshens the UI, adds new customization capabilities, and perhaps most notably readies the mobile platform for TiVo’s upcoming OnePass service.

The update, released on Tuesday, tweaks the design by eliminating some of the remaining TiVo flair. Gone are the yellow pause button and outlined TiVo selection bars in favor of more common flat, sharp, and monochromatic graphical elements. This design refresh even makes its way to the app icon itself, now a stark silhouette of the familiar TiVo mascot. Thankfully, the app retains the handy tab bar to quickly switch between app modes, not caving to the trend of obscuring navigation in a hidden drawer (à la “hamburger menu”).

Additionally, the best-in-class app adds some customization features in the What to Watch section. You can now specify which movie genres to include in its recommendations. With a new tutorial and previous enhancements to include Facebook friends’ recommendations, YouTube subscriptions, and even remove or reorder sections, this section may become much more useful for some customers.

The big change in the app is behind the scenes and won’t be exposed until TiVo starts to roll out its anticipated OnePass feature in a February update for Roamio boxes. OnePass will replace TiVo’s current Season Pass feature, presenting recorded and available streaming content in an integrated, season-by-season view. The first wave of TiVo customers who requested early access to the update are already receiving the new features, and more will get it after Super Bowl weekend. For most customers, the expected availability is “February.” Series 4 (Premiere) owners should expect an update with similar capabilities, though the timeline for that hasn’t yet been announced.

An app update is also expected for Android users in a few weeks’ time.

Post was updated to reflect that the first customers on the priority list have received the update.



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