Nokia Unveils Lumia 925 and More Windows Phone Enhancements

Nokia Unveils Lumia 925 and More Windows Phone EnhancementsThis morning Nokia took the wraps off of their latest Windows Phone hero device, the Lumia 925. This is the “Catwalk” device that we’ve heard so many rumors about over the last few months. It’s easier to think of this as a major refresh of the Lumia 920/928 than as a brand new phone as most of the specs have stayed the same. The big differences with the 925 are the weight, size, and style of the new device. While it keeps the rounded edges of the other Lumias, it swaps out the polycarbonate for aluminum. Other than just looking really nice it helps to address one of the biggest complaints many people had with the 920: weight. The Lumia 920 weighed in at 185 grams (compared to the iPhone 5 at 112 grams), but the 925 only weighs 139 grams. It’s also considerably thinner at 8.55mm versus 10.7mm on the 920. What is also impressive is that while this new device is substantially thinner and lighter than the 920 they were able to put a bigger battery (2000 mAh) in it bringing talk time up another two hours!

The rest of the Lumia 925’s hardware is pretty much the same as the 920. It has a new display but shares many of the specs. It is a 4.5″ PureMotion HD+ ClearBlack screen running at 1280×768 and still supports their supers-sensitive touch screen technology. It has the same 1.5GHz dual-core processor and 1GB RAM. Out of the box it doesn’t support wireless charging, but like many of the other Lumia phones you can replace the back cover with different colored (yellow, red, white, and black) backs that also support wireless charging. It is also said to be sporting a glass lens for the camera to go along with the plethora of new imaging software. The 925 packs a new feature called Smart Camera Mode which offers the ability to take ten photos at once and then automatically determine which photo was the best. It also has new modes called Action Shot and Motion Focus which allow you take beautiful photos when your subject is moving.

The Nokia Lumia 925 will debut in June in the UK, Germany, Italy, Spain and China and will be priced at 469 EUR. Later that month it will come to the US on T-Mobile.

Source: Press Release and Product Page


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