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Seen in HD 104 – WalMart’s cloud play, Mobile movie buying via FOX, Mass Effect 3 mess, Three Musketeer’s review


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Here’s the rundown of this week’s show:


No doubt the biggest news this week was WalMart’s announcement that it partnered with virtually every studio (we’re looking at you, Disney) to bring cloud movies to Vudu from physical media. And they’re doing it instore. We discuss the pros and cons. And before you go there, the price isn’t really a big con in our minds. We also look at Fox’s attempt to get into mobile commerce with movie sales via mobile phones from a wall in shopping malls. Matt reviews the latest Three Musketeer’s movie, and we cover the Mass Effect 3 issues that stemmed from what many users claim is a sub-par ending.

Blu-ray releases for March and 19.

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