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The Movie Podcast Tragedy

The Movie Podcast TragedyIf you follow Michael at all on Twitter or have seen on Facebook perhaps that a recent tragedy has hit The Movie Podcast. Earlier this week someone broke into Michael’s house and jacked all of his equipment from his office. While we are hoping that he will find out who did this or get some compensation TMP was hit pretty hard. We are attempting to keep TMP going the next few weeks with some guest or perhaps James will just go ahead and do the podcast by himself something will happen! We promise you this much! If you love TMP and want to help in our efforts to get TMP back online we have started a chip in fund. I personally will match the amount of money that is donated to purchase Michael a new netbook to get him back up and running. Additionally for each $50 that is donated (total amount) TMP will donate a blu-ray in a contest. To enter all you need to do is donate $5, for each $5 you donate you will receive 1 contest entry. This means if we raise $200 we will hold 4 contests each giving away a blu-ray. If you donate $15 then you have 3 entries towards the blu-rays and you can win multiple times! I have started a chip-in fund as well where you can donate:

WE DID IT!!!!!!!!!! Even though chip in says $105 we actually raised $205, it just didn’t update!!!!!! Thanks and get ready for some contests!!!