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Entertainment 2.0 #128 : HDHomeRun Prime, CableCARD, and Home Automation

PrintThis week on  episode 128 of the Entertainment 2.0 Podcast Josh Pollard and Craig Scholle were joined by someone who might sound a little familiar. Adam Thursby made an appearance (can you make an appearance on an audio show?) on the show since leaving it after leaving about 20 episodes ago. Of course a few of our listeners got their voices heard too as the show was kicked off by two voicemails and two emails.

For the main topics of the show the guys talked about the official announcement of the SiliconDust HDHomeRun Prime which flowed quite well into the next topic of the current state of CableCARD and where things might be heading. For the Media Center Quick Tip of the Week Josh discussed how to turn on color coding in the program guide of Windows 7 Media Center. For the final main topic Craig gave us a run-down of what Google’s Android @Home is and how it might change the way we use devices around the house in the future. To wrap it up Josh gave more details on the contest to win a copy of Recorded TV HD, and even gave away a copy to a listener who was in the live chat! Next time join the guys for all the fun in the live chat room, on Tuesday nights at 8pm ET.

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Josh has been writing software since his parents brought home their first computer. His love for gadgets and technology eventually spurred a passion for home theater technology. After starting the DMZ, he received Microsoft’s MVP award for Windows Media Center. Even though the beloved home theater PC platform is all but dead he continues to tinker with consumer entertainment technology. He’s a life-long gamer and DIY smart home enthusiast. He co-hosts the Entertainment 2.0 podcast with Richard Gunther and the DMZ’s gaming podcast, Story Players, with Joe DeStazio.