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Entertainment 2.0 #112 : Ben Drawbaugh

PrintThis week on Entertainment 2.0 Josh, Craig, and James had the opportunity to sit down with Ben Drawbaugh of Engadget HD. He’s one of the most public Windows Media Center evangelists, and with that he keeps a close eye on the Media Center universe. This week he joined us to talk about the direction that Microsoft appears to be taking their home media product. Of course we couldn’t have this discussion without talking about all of the latest news around Windows Embedded Standard 7, and all of the set-top boxes built upon it at display at CES this year. We also talked a little about UltraViolet and how it may fit into Media Center in the coming months and years.

With episode 112 you’ll be able to completely forget about the audio problems that plagued episode 111. All of those problems have been sorted out, and hopefully won’t return. Thanks again to Ben for joining us! It’s always a great time  having him on the show!

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